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Golf partners wanted to play more golf!

well lets see....I really started playing this game because it sounded better to be outdoors drinking a beer and enjoying the comradery,then sitting in a bar while it was sunny.I love the outdoors and golf courses are simply awesome,I got hooked right away as it was the first sport I couldn't just master right off.I do ok average about mid 80's to mid 90's and know I would do much better if I went to the range or practiced.but I just want to play,if I got time to practice,then I mas well go play instead.I love the fact you can meet anyone out there and play a game and have common ground to talk right off,I rarely feel awkward although I think there's alot of people who really take it to serious.If you ever see me throw anything or hit the ground just take all my golfing equipment then because obviously its not right for me,I see this alot and wonder why those people even play,its a game have fun and god isn't that why were out there in the first place.